Do you feel it too?

There is a force playing with us

It tears us down to frightened children

And I am scared to give that force a title


I ask you

Can you hear it too?

The crack that sounds between the single beds

Pushed together to promise

A world built for two

We slide one sheet over two frames

And name that practise love

Because one person is not enough to make a bed

I have employed techniques

Clutching corners inside out

Following the seam, learning the tricks

To stitching out a linen crucifixion

Because a tragic hero no longer bears a cross

But lies crosseyed on a mattress

And has no one’s sins to die for


So I asked you

Can you see it too?

It is the cat that does not lead or follow

But weaves through your path purring you to its bowl

It is the glass that’s no longer a window

Just a pane to bring light

To the wallpaper shredded in the night

It is every inch the beds slide apart

And every arm I grow to make up for the distance

So there are more than four limbs between us now


I ask if

You can taste it too

It is the approximation of home

Enough shampoo to rinse but not repeat

So you are washed but never soft

Though we figured that was fine

That was better than time spent apart

Because that force was under your very first bed and

It never went away, it just transfigured

And today even the cleanest comfort

Cannot close its eyes for fear

We can’t rearrange the furniture here

We live in rooms meant for one night’s rest

So you become a frame that holds me fresh by night

But clings in the daylight

Like new sheets bound so tightly

I can’t make my way out


And with two rigid edges

There is always a divide

Where we slip deeper

Tempting it to the surface where

I am too afraid to ask you what happens

To a child who is never named

Whether I should love

Or blame the edge I cling to

So I hold tight


Instead I ask you

Do you feel it too?

And I leave it untitled.


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