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A debut poetry book from award winning poet Sean Lìonadh, published by Speculative Books, including viral poem Time for Love, Ted talk ‘Three stages of gay shame and what they can teach us all’, and many more.

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Innocence never goes quietly.

Sean Lionadh’s poem, Time for Love, was published online as a short film in 2018. Inspired by a homophobic encounter, the poem has since reached sixteen million people, pissed off an Archbishop, and inspired a growing movement called the Time for Love Project in America – one line ever made its way onto a strangers ankle in tattoo form.

The poem sits as part of this debut collection, alongside the TedX talk it inspired, and other poems that explore how innocence is abused, lost, grieved, and remembered in a world at war with what makes us who we really are.

Published by Speculative Books. Pay with Debit, Credit Card or Paypal below. Shipping everywhere.


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2 reviews for Buy “Not Normal Anymore by Sean Lìonadh”

  1. Fia Alner (verified owner)

    Simply stunning. Lionadh is a poetical force to be reckoned with. He shows so much insight and wisdom for someone of only 21 years. The book includes the poem Time for Love which had a powerful impact globally. His poems stay with you long after you have read them and each time you do, you see something you didn’t the first time round. A natural born poet with his own distinct style.

  2. Brenda Auterson (verified owner)

    Hi Sean, your book dropped through my letterbox this morning, well done Royal Mail!
    I really enjoyed it – you have a way with words. And your writing is making me think.
    And chuckle.
    Sin Bingo: Okay, Calumny I can accept as a sin perhaps needing to be confessed,
    but ‘reckless driving’?
    Enjoy your book launch and thanks for writing your book!

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