Time for Love

See, normality is a crowd-sourced fantasy
but it turns every single silent person
in this park into an enemy.

Sean Lìonadh, Time for Love

Time for Love was published online by BBC The Social in April 2018. It has been watched by over 16 million people, inspired a growing LGBT movement in America called the Time for Love Project, led to a Ted X talk, been translated into 5 languages, won a Royal Television Society 2019 award, The John Byrne April 2018 Award, nominated for Prix Europa 2018, the Out D’or Award and longlisted for a London Outspoken Prize for Poetry award, and featured in Shortlist, Attitude, Pride, Indy 100, BBC Scotland news, Timeline on BBC Two and other publications.

The Response

Time for Love sparked a conversation about intolerance in contemporary Western society, as well as the wider issue of ‘normality’ and its place in our world. The film led to an outpouring of shared experiences from members of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as controversy from members of the Catholic church.

“Three stages of gay shame and what they can teach us all” at TedXUniversityofGlasgow

A poetic and anecdotal retelling of the modern experience of shame, exploring the dichotomy of living life “in the closet” and how Time for Love showed me another path. Time for Love as well as the full TedX talk are published in my first poetry book, Not Normal Anymore.

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Creative workshops with a focus on the power of using your voice

I have visited schools in Glasgow, as well as the International School of Lausanne to speak with pupils, tell them my story, show them Time for Love, and guide them to develop their own writing and visual craft in order to express their authentic self. I am always looking to help empower young people and community groups through creativity.

I saw and heard my introverted kids reveal raw emotions and thoughts openly and then write down a poem each, many of which blew me away…


The Time for Love Project

Inspired by Time for Love and his own experiences of shame, Nathaniel De Young from Boston started a movement that aims to create safe spaces for LGBTQ+ couples.

More about the project

Film Credits

The Cast (in order of appearance):

Writer/Director/Producer: Sean Lìonadh
Co-Producer/1st AD: Olivia Reitala
DoP: George Harwood
Animator/3rd AD: Julia Rosner
1st AC: Ross Elliott
2nd AC: Mondo Love
Camera Trainee: Sumaya Moustafa
Art Department & Costume:
Zindzi Rocque Drayton and Louise Hitchon
MUA: Ryan McCamon
Directors of Choreography:
David Ronan and Hannah Talulah Dixon Wright
Composer: Thomas Hansen
Sound Designer: Kyle Stewart
Colourist: Allan Raffel
Editor: Sean Lìonadh

Sean Lìonadh
Marco Marcelline
Claire Gallacher
Ryan McCamon
Rafe Uddin
Sumaya Moustafa
Raquel Aragon
Rhona Simpson
David Ronan
Zindzi Rocque Drayton (Neighbour)
Junior Cross (Pregnant Lady)
Katie Power (Roll and Chips Woman)
Amir Tabrizi (Normal Gentleman)
Ailie Haouchine (Friend’s Mum)
Tom Bell (Colleague)
Gordon Hart (Old Man)
Simon Kielty (School Boy)
Sean Russell (School Boy)
Adam Rodger (School Boy)
Leon McNair (School Boy)
Charlotte Yeaman (Kid #1)
Erin Kennedy (Kid #2)
Perry Costello (Bible Basher)

With Thanks To:
Fia Alner
Sylvie Metcalfe
Ryan Pasi
Kate Adair
Paul McFadyen
James McInally
Claire Tooze
Al Tooze
Ethan Tooze
Alison McBrier
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